A Granny Robs A Bank To Play At The Casino

Addiction to gambling leads a 45-year-old grandmother, Victoria Horrocks, to rob a bank. Indeed, to satisfy her addiction to games, especially slot machines, this woman with a clean criminal record did not hesitate to become an apprentice criminal. This determined woman’s plan might have worked if the bank teller didn’t have the presence of mind to put a security system in the robber’s bag. It was in a casino in the city that this robber granny was apprehended after the security of the establishment called the police.

Victoria Horrocks, a 45-year-old grandmother, robbed a bank in the city of Hyde last March. This woman who has never committed a crime embarked on this robbery to satisfy her addiction to gambling. This granny, until then without a problem, wanted to go play slot machines in a casino with the money stolen from the bank. His great determination and self-confidence are most impressive. Unfortunately, her adventure as a criminal came to an end.

On the day of the heist, Victoria Horrocks queues at a bank counter with a shopping bag. She is dressed in a hoodie and wears sunglasses. When she finally arrives in front of the clerk, she hands him a piece of paper. The message written on this paper is clear, she asks him to fill the bag otherwise she shoots him. It should be noted that the robber pretends to have a weapon to threaten the person at the counter. The latter first thinks of a hoax. But to make the clerk understand that she is not joking, she is aggressive. Seeing a shape in Victoria’s bag, the banker does not want to take any risk and obeys by filling the bag with wads of banknotes worth 3,000 euros.

The bank employee still manages to discreetly put in the bag a security system that was activated once Victoria left the establishment. The stolen tickets are therefore impregnated with a red paint. Despite this incident with the bundles of cash, this daring grandmother still went to the casino to play the slot machines. Seeing her behavior and the color of the money she is trying to put into the slot machines, casino security gets suspicious and calls the police. Arrested, Victoria Horrocks receives four years in prison.

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